book club questions for:

Questions of Perspective

Use these questions to discuss the book with friends! 


SPOILER WARNING: These questions do include spoilers.

1)      What is the significance of the title: Questions of Perspective?


2)     John's character - before he became God - is shown primarily through flashbacks. Do you feel that these anecdotes enhanced the overall story? How did they contribute to the plot?


3)    Dave is fundamentally transformed by his brief exposure to omniscience. How do you imagine others may react to experiencing something similar?


4)    What is the significance of Dave's two professions - attorney and teacher - over the course of the novel?


5)    Dave evolves over the course of the story. Do you think Dave, as he was at the beginning of the novel, would have handled his final confrontation with Tom Horton differently? How so?


6)     John maintains throughout the story that he will not interfere with matters of free will, but at the end of the book, we see him taking a much more active role in the world. Do you think he has adequately found a line whereby he can assist while respecting free will?


7)     The two major additions to Dave's life over the course of the story are Peaches and Abby. How do you think each of them impacted Dave, and his ability to grow as a person?


8)    At the end of the novel, Dave set out to kill Tom Horton to prevent the death of many others. Did you agree with his decision, or did you think he should have adopted a different course of action?


9)    Dave struggles to kill Tom Horton, in part, because he sees similarities between them with regards to the trauma they have each suffered. What similarities and differences do you see with regards to how they each responded to loss?


10)   At the very end of the book, Abby posits numerous theories as to why John was selected to become God, and why John reached out to Dave for help. Did you find her theories convincing?


11)     We learn in the prologue that the story will address the ramifications of Dave's friend John becoming God. Why do you think the author chose not to delay this reveal until deeper into the story? 


12)     Abby and Dave have very different personalities. Why do you think they were drawn to one another?


13)   Do you view the story as pro-religion? Is it offensive in any way to established religions?

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